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“Hey lovely just wanted to say you are one of the most amazing people I know. I’ve just watched the online video and I feel so emotional. I've done my worksheets and I know it sounds cheesy but I believe this could be life changing. Things, as you know, have been a little crazy of the last few years and I'm definitely a work in progress. I’ve had my hair cut the shortest it's ever been today and I'm feeling a bit naked and not very feminine! Having just watched your video I feel uplifted and proud that I have the confidence to have my hair short and not to confirm to the ideals of having long hair because l'm a single women looking for love thank you for everything you do Xxx”


“I wasn't totally sure about the wellness program Suzanne runs, It's a lot of money to me, I'd never had coaching before so i decided a few one off sessions would be best. Then i totally fell in love with the processes & how Suzanne made me think totally different about situations that had be rattling around in my mind for many years. I went for it & now i'm on my second round haha! It made me realise that having her by my side regularly was having a huge impact on me positively & i wasn't about to stop that. At first i wanted sessions for past stuff, that had been getting me down for years, but now i've worked through all that crap we are concentrating on who i want to be & it its so bloody exciting. Thank You Suzanne you are defiantly my guiding light & i feel totally lit. My spark is never going out again XXX Jenni”


“Suzanne has a very special gift and seems to be able to pop up into your life when you most need a little extra help. I have loved my sessions and courses with her and have got a great deal out of them. I have never met a more genuine person and could listen to her amazing stories all day. She has a way of encouraging you to be the best that you can be and making it seem easy! She is a real inspiration as she has tirelessly worked hard at building her business, looking after her clients and raising a family! True testament to what you can do when you put your mind to it :-) Looking forward to working with Suzanne way into the future. Thank you for all that you do xx”


“Suzanne is a real life living angel! I can not recommend what she does enough. From coaching to healing to just being there. Her advice and intuition is life changing. I can understand sometimes when people can be apprehensive about what some might call “alternative” therapies, but Suzanne’s work has been more successful for me than any “traditional” methods. Suzanne has helped me explore, face up and really tackle issues. It’s been a pleasure to have someone as amazing as Suzanne on my journey with me x”


“Suzanne is a very special lady. I was introduced to her through a friend for a Reiki healing session, which was totally amazing and which started me on a journey. Coaching, self love, honesty, awareness and all kinds of revelations, Suzanne just seems to 'get it' when we talk. I feel thankful and blessed to have her in my corner.”


“Been on a big learning curve this last week but wow! Learning to trust in something when I've had so many people let me down has been massive. This last course has cleared out massive loads of baggage that I hadn't realised I was still carrying and now I've been trusting and manifesting and today we had two offers on our house with two more viewings and it's only been a week since it fell through. Learning all the time and had amazing experiences of learning to trust it! Thank u for sharing your rare skills with others xxX”